People: Problem Solvers or Problem Creators?

How do you overcome challenges and get sustainable growth in the lubricants market? Bad staff are problem creators causing profitability issues, and sleepless nights for colleagues, leaders and business owners. Plus a whole bunch of other hassle too. But we don’t want to depress you, the right staff can be problem solvers who turn your challenges into opportunities and growth.

So, how do you get hiring right? 

Many companies in the lubricants industry report huge difficulties in talent attraction and employee retention. How can you hire right, attract and retain the best talent? ABN Resource made a presentation on this very topic at last month’s Argus Global Base Oils Event in London. Luckily for you, our free slide deck is available for download here

There is also a great slide on identifying low versus high performers, which is critical to implement in your interview process to get the right people in your company. 

Want the latest lubricant sector employment trends data too?  

We launched our second Talent Report for global lubricant professionals in March. Do you want to know if you are fairly remunerated vs your industry peers? Or perhaps, as a leader, you may want to know what your team really desires from work. Or maybe you want to know what are the biggest changes happening in the lubricants workforce right now so you can plan for the future with certainty. 

The talent report will answer all these questions and more. 

By participating, you will qualify for first and exclusive access to the key questions you need answers to. The report is free and we will release it to you later this Spring. 

To qualify, please answer these few questions. The quality and volume of data in the report will rely on a good level of response. So please help yourself and your peers in the industry by completing the questionnaire.

Take part in the Lubricants Talent Survey now.

ABN Resource Sponsors the UEIL Annual Congress 2023

This year’s UEIL (Union of the European Lubricants Industry) Congress will cover “Sustainable Value Chains: Securing the future of the European lubricant industry”. And ABN Resource has continued its sponsorship of this year’s event. 

Leeds-based ABN Resource will put Yorkshire vs Lancashire rivalries to one side, and bravely voyage over the Pennine hills to Manchester, UK, on May 31 to June 2 to attend the congress. 

This event is one of the best in the calendar, so get yourself an early bird discount and book before 10th March. With the money you save, you have a kitty ready to test all the nice beers and food available near the event hotel :). Or enough of a saving to buy a one-way train ticket to visit Yorkshire whilst you are here. International readers: Yorkshire is a much better county than Lancashire and you can read about why, here

Registrations and ticket purchases for the congress are at this link: https://lnkd.in/dHFx_2rK

Sustainability, an ESG perspective 

Staying with the topic of sustainability, in one of our recent articles, we took a closer look into the progress key lubricants players make to evaluate, develop and incorporate ESG into their strategy, which you can access here. With ESG a high priority on an increasing number of employees’ agendas, if you want to attract and retain top talent, a clear commitment and action on ESG initiatives are critical for your business’s continued success. 

You can also read more about environmental, social and governance initiatives in the lubricants sector in our Lubricants Sustainability Report 2.0.

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