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Whatever your chosen field in the downstream oil industry, as a mid-senior level executive you’re doing well. But it’s easy to miss out on that once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, especially when you may not be actively searching for a new post. That’s why it pays to join forces with ABN Resource now. We have over 15+ years recruitment experience with a 40% higher than industry average employee retention rate  – we don’t just find you a job, we find you a career. 

We have partnered with the biggest and best companies in the downstream oil market. We’re constantly scanning the industry to fill career-defining roles. So whether you’re looking for a move now, or you feel comfortable in your current post but don’t want to miss out on the top jobs, register today

Our unique assessment programme helps to ensure a perfect fit between you and your future employer. We pride ourselves on our levels of dialogue, and keeping you in the picture at all times is second nature to us. What’s more, your consultant will be on hand to support your application and offer expert advice on every aspect of the hiring process.

How do we know which opportunity will suit you down to the ground? That’s where our unique approach comes in.

A unique approach – because you’re a true one-off

  • Pre-Screen
  • ABN Assessment
  • Client Assessment
  • Offer

You’ll always be more than a CV to us. That’s because, to ensure you flourish in a role, we need to know more than your salary details, work history, hobbies, and interests. We need to understand how you tick, what you aspire to, how you perform in situations your next role will operate in. We need to feel your presence in a room and sense your charisma. And we have to convey all of this to our clients.

After identifying potential fit to a retained role, we put you through our extensive candidate assessment program. It takes time,  your career is important and it’s a solid investment in your future career path and earning potential. Psychometric tests…behavioural analysis…aptitude exercises…video interview recordings, our consultants put you through your paces and allow you to shine. If you get through this process you should have a great deal of confidence the role and company are right for you.

We give the hiring company access to your assessment results via our unique “i-intro” delivery platform. i-intro works from any internet-enabled device, so your potential future employer has instant and secure 24/7 access to your profile.

Of course we understand the importance of confidentiality, and, i-intro’s award-winning technology boasts watertight security features to keep your information safe and discreet. 

After they review your results, most of our customers do a 2 stage interview process. We will guide you through preparation, feedback and interview arrangement for a hassle-free process which allows you to showcase all your key attributes for the position. 

It’s almost time for you to open the bubbly to celebrate that new job. We will take time to consult with you on all the key points you need to make the right decision.  We will secure the right offer so when you accept you can be confident you have made the right choice and ready to take your career onto the next level.  

Are you paid what you are worth?

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