Lubricants and Fuels keep the world moving. The industry is constantly evolving, and right now Lubricants and Fuels has a big focus on sustainability, net-zero, circular economy and digital transformation. Exciting times. At ABN Resource, we share our perspectives on these matters and more. Here are all of our research reports on leadership and human performance.

How To Excel As A Leader In The Lubricants Industry

Effective Strategies For Industry Executives

Discover strategies to embrace sustainability, drive digital transformation, and foster innovation. Learn how to balance technical expertise with sharp business acumen to future-proof your organisation and propel your career. Download the whitepaper now and become the leader who steers your organisation towards success in this competitive marketplace.

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How To Develop Leadership In The Lubricants Industry

Build Your Leadership Pipeline

From understanding market dynamics and technological advancements to embracing diversity and implementing a robust leadership pipeline, this comprehensive guide provides actionable strategies to help you shape the future of your organisation.

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Talent Attraction & Retention

Best Practice For The Lubricants Industry

Discover the strategies driving workforce excellence in the dynamic world of lubricant addressing industry challenges, high-performing teams, talent attraction & retention, diversity, equity & inclusion. Elevate your talent game with tailored insights. Download your copy today!

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Lubricants Talent Report 2023

Key employment trends in the 2023 global lubricants industry

Discover trends shaping the lubricants workplace. The Lubricants Talent Report 2023 highlights changes across the lubricants workplace compared to 2022. It provides insights that allow lubricants professionals to make more informed career decisions from a global perspective. For lubricants companies it gives a better understanding of the new nature of the lubricants talent market.

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How To Upskill Your Workforce In The Lubricants Industry

Upskilling and Reskilling Strategies

In the fast-paced world of lubricants, tomorrow’s success hinges on today’s workforce. Discover how to navigate the evolving landscape with our comprehensive guide to upskilling and reskilling strategies.

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DIVERSITY & Inclusion IN THE Downstream oil industry

A Guide to Achieving Diversity, Equality & Inclusion in the Workplace

In this report, we will cover what diversity & inclusion truly means, its challenges, the importance that unconscious bias and leadership have in progressing diversity & inclusion in the workplace. No matter your background and position we can all step up and support, be an ally, and make a difference. 

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Digital Transformation In The Downstream Oil Industry

People, Processes & Strategies.

In this paper, we look at why companies need to progress their efforts with digitalisation, provide examples of digitalisation in the downstream oil industry, showcase some key benefits and challenges, and try to answer what digitalisation means for the workforce of today and in the future.

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The Art Of Job Interviewing

Your Business Guide

Job interviewing remains one of those activities which we think we know all about, merely because we have been doing it for so long; we have been lulled by habit.. But how many times you have had the feeling that you are missing a piece of information that is crucial to make an effective decision about your candidate? Download our guide today and master the difficult art of interviewing with a couple of handy tips.

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Towards a Sustainable Future 2.0

Recent and ongoing sustainability developments in the lubricants sector

The report  shines a spotlight on the most dynamic issues influencing corporate sustainability and explains what lubricant organisations are doing to address them. But it also represents an evolution within the three key areas: Environmental, Social & Governance. It will give you some ideas and initiatives you can implement to help you achieve more sustainable and profitable results.

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