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    ABN Resource to Become a Carbon-Neutral Business

    As climate change and other environmental issues have taken centre stage impacting all areas of our lives, ABN Resource are taking the initiative to proactively reduce our carbon footprint...

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    Finding The Best Hire – Part 1: Job Interview Red Flags

    A bad hire – it’s an employer’s worst nightmare. They looked great on paper, aced the interview…but after joining it turns out all was not as it seemed. Now...

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    4 Leadership Qualities That You Need To Have Right Now

    With recent changes and some significant disruption, organizations are in need of strong leadership. Here are some top tips to keep you and your business performing effectively.

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    Hiring Smart in 2020: Your Competence Transfer Toolkit

    In Director James Moorhouse’s previous article about the power of competence transfer in the oil industry, James explained why we should care about competence transfer and why we know...

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    IMO 2020 explained: What does it mean for the energy industry

    As we make our way through the final quarter of 2019, we get ever closer to the IMO’s sulphur emissions reduction policy, which is set to take effect on...

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