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In June, we started our 3rd edition of our Lubricants Talent Survey. In this mail we are also sharing our thoughts and tips on the most in-demand leadership skills in the lubricants sector, and advice for leaders navigating digital transformation, and sustainability.

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The ABN Resource Lubricants Talent Survey is the largest personnel survey in the lubricants sector. By participating, you will gain valuable insights into current people trends, industry challenges, and key growth opportunities within the lubricants industry.

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Shape the Future: Your input will help shape the present and future of talent acquisition and management in the lubricants industry.

Gain Insights: Receive a detailed report on the survey findings, offering you a competitive edge with the latest knowledge, data and industry trends.

Contribute to Growth: Your participation will contribute to the growth and development of a robust talent pipeline, ensuring the industry’s sustained success.

“Last year’s Lubricants Talent Report helped companies and industry personnel shape their hiring strategies and develop careers with the data we could provide. We can go one step better this year with even greater participation and an improved set of questions for you to answer. If you want to help shape the future of work in the sector and understand how to grow and develop your company or career, participate in the survey today”,

says James Moorhouse, ABN Resource Founder & Director.

You can read more about the survey, here.

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Your responses are invaluable, and we appreciate your time and effort in helping us gather this critical data.

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Featured Jobs

This month, we’re highlighting several key positions that offer excellent growth potential and the chance to make a significant impact in the industry:


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