Looking Ahead: 2022 & The Lubricants Industry

2021 was a very interesting year for the lubricants industry. With Covid variants and vaccinations there was another rollercoaster ride with moments of uncertainty, optimism, acceptance and change. 

The power of perseverance

More specific to the lubes sector 2021 saw unprecedented price rises in base oils and lubricants, refining capacity and production changes, contraction in some traditional lube markets, high growth in specialities products, supply chain challenges, the emergence of sustainability and energy transition as growing market trends. 

There has been a tremendous effort by people working in the lubricants sector to meet these challenges and turn them into opportunities. We are a resilient group of people in the lubes sector and this attitude and work ethic will serve companies well for 2022 and beyond. This is the main reason we chose to highlight one of ABN Resource’s 4 key values, Perseverance, as our word of the year for 2022. 

Lubricants Job Market in 2022

You may have read about the “great resignation”, and if not you can check out our thoughts and what this means specifically for the lubricants sector here

November & December 2021 was a very tricky time to get engagement with candidates particularly in Northern Europe and UK markets. The Omicron variant of COVID-19 created some uncertainty and desire for familiarity rather than a change of jobs.

From January 2022 we have seen much greater availability of candidates as the pandemic moves to endemic. Also with time off work for festive holidays, people reflect and re-evaluate with families about their career. This fact matched with new budgets and company strategies means the market has better quantities of high-quality personnel to match the high supply of job roles. 

If you are in the market for a role, or about to hire, it would serve you well to look at these 6 ideas you need to stand out in a crowded market to get the top talent and jobs in the current climate. 

Spotlight on key lubricant jobs

We would like to take this opportunity to let you know about five roles we are hiring for in case they are of interest to you or people in your network:  



Apply today to one of the jobs advertised on our website, or simply submit your CV and we will keep you updated with the upcoming opportunities within the downstream oil industry.

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