How To Deliver The Right Hire For Your Organisation

Effective recruitment is vital for every organisation. With the right personnel in place, you can get your company to deliver on its key objectives. In the current climate, we regularly hear Lubricants & Fuels companies are struggling to find the right people for their life opportunities.  We have written before about talent attraction and retention strategies, and more recently highlighted the benefits of D&I in our lubricant industry report

For, nearly ten years ABN Resource has supported lubricants and fuels organisations with their talent strategies and supporting their recruitment efforts to find the best talent for critical roles essential to their organisational success.

Today we are sharing some key statistics and facts about our work at ABN Resource which demonstrates the value of utilising an industry specialist with a unique hiring methodology. 

Successful recruitment campaigns

Over the last 10 years, ABN Resource delivered a 97% vacancy fill rate on retained campaigns for our international lubricants and fuels clients. Depending on what reports you read some other executive search firms operate at a 50% fill rate. 

ABN Resource achieves this high success rate by working with the right customers and implementing our 5-step hiring process to deliver consistent and industry-leading results. During the search campaign, our clients have 24/7 access to our award-winning candidate delivery platform ‘HireInsight’ giving you an overview of the selected candidates including video introductions, behavioural assessment results, references, answers to key competency questions, executive summary, cv and more. No more wasting time meeting irrelevant candidates, or attending irrelevant interviews, just the right matches to get you to the correct decision.

Read about our recruitment process, here.

Recruitment metrics and business outcomes

We understand retention is a growing concern for companies at the moment. We studied our retention rates for placed candidates and found ABN Resource placements last 40% longer than the industry average. This improved retention rate has added 7 figures to one customer’s profits in saved staffing costs and lost commercial downtime. In 2021, we delivered a 100% offer acceptance, peace of mind as it’s the worst feeling when you get that close and fall at the final hurdle. After we handle the exit process, we support our clients with onboarding and have an extensive 12-month post-placement aftercare service. Furthermore, ABN Resouce customers can benefit from an unrivalled guarantee.  We can offer free of charge candidate replacement for the first 12 months of employment. 

Result delivery in four weeks

With a tighter talent market driven by increased hiring volume, many organisations are facing pressure to reduce their time to fill without compromising on the quality of hire. At ABN Resource, our presentation of a candidate shortlist takes just 4 weeks on average, which is below the average industry of 41 days according to the latest survey by SHRM. We believe that the foundation of prompt delivery without compromising quality is our in-house sourcing team, which use a mix of channels and technology to identify the right talent for our customers’ needs. Headhunting and networking is our most common source of quality candidates that get hired.

The sourcing tools we use include AI technology, and highly trained staff with industry recognised diploma’s in sourcing techniques. We say in our in house sourcing team ‘if someone has a ‘digital footprint’ we can find them’. And no that doesn’t mean just LinkedIn, because everyone else does that. And whilst we are expertly trained and know the latest algorithms and strategies on LinkedIn, we seek other ways to unearth that needle in a haystack. We are talking about x-ray searches, open-sourcing techniques and other novel practices which are well known in other sectors but not widely used in recruitment.  

Global expertise

We have a large network of 20k+ downstream oil industry contacts to help your job search or find your next perfect hire. We invest significant amounts of time and effort to keep a well-connected industry network. By utilising AI technology and employing a full-time in-house research and delivery team, ABN Resource secured top talent across Europe, United States and Asia within the downstream oil industry sectors:

  • Lubricants Blender
  • Lubrciants Distribution
  • Additive Manufacturing
  • Fuel Distribution
  • Fuel Wholesaling
  • Future Fuels 

Not just lubricant hires 

“But you only hire lubes and fuel people, right?”  Actually no, we don’t. 10 + years of experience gives us great insight into the best possible way to recruit lubricant and fuel professionals. At ABN Resource, we continuously strive to build and develop our network of diverse talent.

If you want to hire people from outside the lubricants and fuel sectors we can target professionals from different sector backgrounds that we know can transition to leadership, commercial and technical functions in lubricants and fuels. We know the global market trends and constantly changing recruitment landscape, so we are primed and ready to meet the diverse hiring needs of our clients.

Let’s work together in 2022

If you’d like to learn more and benefit from these results, contact us today to schedule a conversation.