The Top 5 Blogs Of 2021

As we kick off 2022, it is time for our annual look at the topics our readers found most interesting over the past year. Let’s jump right in!  

Top 5 Countdown: Our Most-Read Blog Posts of 2021

#5 – How to spot a true leader

A great leader matched with the right team can be the catalyst for realising key company aims and ambitions. From our experience working with the leading lubricants & fuels industry, the right leaders you have in place the more productive and happy your workforce is. But.. how do you spot the right leader when interviewing? There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach here. However, there are consistent themes in great leaders, here are our top 10.

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#4 – Attracting best talent

Employers sometimes forget that interviewing is a two-way street, especially for more senior positions. It is not just the employer interviewing the candidate, but also the candidate scoping out whether the company is the best place for them. Ultimately, as a business leader, you do not want to lose out on top talent because of the one-way interview process. In this article, you will find tips on how to secure the very best talent at your organisation.

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#3 – Key players in the Electric Vehicle revolution

Electric vehicles are set to cause a big impact on the energy industry, bringing both challenges and opportunities for oil companies. To explore this impactful trend, we took a brief look at the key players in the Electric Vehicle revolution, plus how their rising popularity combined with increasing government pressures on lowering emissions has caused oil firms to take action to secure their place in the EV market.

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#2 – Sustainability & Lubricants Industry

The lubricants industry has witnessed a significant change with companies recognizing the need for a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly business model that will not only help the environment but the industry as a whole. ‘What can your organization do to contribute to a more sustainable future?’ ‘What can be done to better promote sustainability?’ And from a recruiter perspective: ‘How to use sustainability to attract, manage and retain the top talent at your organization? In our ‘Towards a Sustainable Future’ article series we tried to find answers to these and many other sustainability questions.

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#1 – Growth Mindset Benefits

Every day, 12,000 Google searches are performed for ‘growth mindset quotes’. We like to get inspired, lift our spirits up and find the motivation to propel us to get up and take action. This is not any different for organisations that want their employees to perform to their full potential. The key themes of a Growth Mindset are of great value to any business, especially in the current times, where the ability to adapt and respond to changing work situations, is even more important than ever before. Interested to explore all benefits of the Growth Benefits at your workplace, jump straight into our top article from 2021.

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