6 Recruitment Trends We Expect To See In 2022

Recruiting the right talent will be a significant challenge for businesses. To stay on top of the latest recruitment trends, we have reflected upon what hiring practices are to continue and more likely dominate the 2022 year.

1. It’s a candidate-driven market

With the shift in market conditions, organisations may expect a decrease in the number of applications as job seekers have become more selective, risk-averse and considerate about the positions they apply for. One way you can stand out as a company is by highlighting what makes your organisation unique and engaging. A compelling vision and mission is key to attracting people. With all the innovation, sustainability and energy transition initiatives in the downstream oil sector, companies have a great opportunity to position themselves as attractive organisation.

2. The emergence of employer branding

With competition for talent rising, organisations have realised the importance of how both potential candidates and existing employees perceive them. This means a huge need for understanding the organisation’s unique value rather than promoting itself in generic terms. Employee value proposition development will become crucial to recruitment in the future, and employers should consider sizing up their culture and what candidates could thrive there. Employer branding has also a significant impact on the turnover decrease, associated recruitment costs and better quality of hires. 

3. Employees expecting better benefits

In 2022, we will not only see companies keep up with the trajectory in pay rates, but they will also continue to try and offer a broader range of benefits. Benefits such as improved medical coverage, mental health support, parental leave terms which are different to historic benefits offered are increasing in demand. And yes remote-working flexibility is still a key requirement for many employees.

4. Diversity, equity & inclusion is a must-have

Job seekers are continuing to prioritise businesses in their job searches that have a clear commitment to diversity and inclusion. More than 3 out of 4 job seekers and employees (76%) report that a diverse workforce is an important factor when evaluating companies and job offers. This means that, whether or not your company is interested in increasing its diversity, most candidates are nevertheless evaluating diversity when they research your company and during the interview process. McKinsey’s Diversity Wins report states that organisations in the top quartile for ethnic diversity on executive teams can expect a 33% higher profitability. The report also states those with higher gender diversity score 37% higher profitability and outperform other companies. On many metrics, diversity and inclusion are critical for business.

5. Remote recruitment is here to stay

The expansion of remote work by 2022 requires new hiring practices. Rapid technology advancements allow for easy virtual hiring where there is no cross-geographic limitation. This gives organisations a chance to access a larger and more diverse talent pool with a wider skill set. With remote work frequently being an option for many professionals, they are on board with remote hiring processes. Embracing the latest technology can streamline your hiring processes, saving time, without impacting the quality of hire. Something our own candidate delivery platform “HireInsight” does very effectively with a 97% fill rate on all vacancies. 

6. Passive candidates

Talent attraction strategies need to be proactive to engage with a passive audience. Advertising, LinkedIn searching and waiting for CV’s does not deliver the desired results. Committing time, effort and resources to your network, developing relationships, getting your vision, mission and employer branding right are all critical steps to boosting your chances of attracting talent that is harder to find but much more effective in your critical job appointments.  

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