The Lubricants Job Market, What You Need To Know In 2022

If you are searching for a new job, it is important to note the changes taking place within the industry. Here are trends we have observed in the lubricants job market in 2021 that are likely to stay in the year ahead.

Salaries set to surge

Looking at the year ahead we will see more companies raise pay in order to aid their ability to recruit and retain. We are also seeing more companies consider the cost of living under inflationary pressures to determine the average pay rise an individual gets.

Based on what we are seeing and hearing with moves in the market, senior professionals can expect a basic pay increase of up to 10-15% compared to the previous year – the largest increase seen since 2008 and almost three times the inflation rate.

But its not just about salary 

If you are an employer a rising salary bill with tightening profit margins and rising costs elsewhere in your business might be a nightmare headline to read. The good news is, to hire, there are things you can do to make yourself more attractive to get the right talent in place that don’t involve bigger paychecks. Whilst money should always be at the right level to get the right talent, companies that have a compelling mission and vision, who have values that align with candidates belief’s will be in a stronger position to hire the right staff for their company. Employees also expect other benefits such as flexible hours, more paid vacation time, and work-from-home options.

The rising demand for soft skills

As the lubricants industry faces new opportunities like sustainability, digital transformation, supply chain optimisation, energy transition there is a growing demand for people with the right soft skills. Greater diversity of thought, experiences and skills is a cornerstone to maximising these market opportunities.   

If you are serious about positioning yourself for new career opportunities in a different area to what you are currently doing we would advise developing skills in: communication, adaptability, problem solving, creativity, interpersonal skills. These are things you can do in your workplace now to give real-life examples at interviews to show you have what it takes to transfer to new sectors.  

Increased hiring demand areas

Electric vehicles (EV) are set to increase demand for chemical professionals who can develop coolants, gear oils and greases that are more specialised to cope with lubrication in hybrid vehicles. The issues surrounding the extensive heat that electric vehicle engines emit will create a further need for chemical experts, who can develop new effective cooling concepts. On top of this, the market will need change management experts to effectively navigate the complexities around revised supply chain demands and costs. 

Away from EV, the agenda of energy transition and sustainability will drive demand in leadership, sales, technical, r&d, procurement, supply chain and marketing. It represents a fantastic opportunity to operate at a time of positive change and add real value to a company and sector. 

Lubricants Digital Transformation

Advances in new technology will give way to a raft of new software development and digital transformation requirements. As companies seek professionals to develop digital strategies to serve markets better. Many of the industry’s digital infrastructures are becoming outdated and in need of upgrades. As the lubricants industry moves into new systems, the job market will see a boost in project management, software development & data science specialists. It will also require leadership that can handle the transformation and motivate a team to deliver outcomes.

Diversity & Inclusion

The lubricants industry is already making progress to achieve greater diversity and inclusion (D&I). This is starting to see increased demand for leadership and support functions in D&I specialisms to shape, develop and implement strategies.

Looking ahead

The lubricants industry is at a truly exciting time of change with a variety of new skills, opportunities and requirements coming to the jobs market. Employees have a real chance to make a difference in how the future of the industry plays out. Companies will have to create strong talent attraction and talent retention and recruitment supplier partnerships to get the top talent.  


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