ABN Resource’s Word for 2022

The words we use matter. They create a mindset, engagement and focus. It can create a sense of belonging as well as give the right direction for achieving the new year’s goals and objectives.

“Perseverance” is ABN Resource’s word for 2022.

Perseverance is “continued effort to do or achieve something, even when this is difficult or takes a long time”. It’s that quality that allows us to overcome challenges, obstacles, hardship and adversity towards achieving personal and professional goals, instead of being defeated by them. 

Why perseverance?

Looking ahead to 2022 there are significant opportunities facing the lubricant sector as we navigate through a global pandemic. 2022 still sees a continuation of price rises, supply chain challenges, changing consumer demands and purchasing habits, raw material supply concerns, energy transition to lower-carbon technologies. These are going to test and challenge, which requires perseverance to navigate matters successfully.  

Perseverance is also one of ABN Resource’s four core values. We find perseverance enables the team here to deliver top talent on hard to fill vacancies. We put in a high level of effort and dig deep to deliver results to our customers. 

Heading into the New Year

The pandemic has proven how adaptable we can be when the gauntlet is laid down by challenging circumstances. Organisations developed new hiring and workplace strategies. Companies that adopt hiring and focus on employee wellbeing are growing at record-breaking results. 

While it is difficult to accurately predict what 2022 has in store, it is important to remember you can control your attitude, effort, thoughts, and perspective. Perseverance is a quality that helps in all of these areas. 


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