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Why September Is The Best Month To Start Your Job Search

We hope summer gave you some time to recharge and relax with time away from work for vacation. 

Maybe you reflected on when you were on holiday, or when you got back to work, about your career. Are you 100% happy, or is there something missing, something you would change?

If you are thinking about career development, the good news is September, and Q3 in general is one of the best times of the year to be looking for a job. Companies are setting plans and budgets for 2024 and want to hire now, so you can be onboard for Q1 2024.

Here are our three tips to make the most of this peak hiring time.

Be Clear on your Expectations and Aims

Before engaging with anyone in a career discussion, take some time to get clarity on your needs first. It sounds simple, but many people don’t and then find themselves in a situation of taking a job they later realise they didn’t want or need. 

Warm up your network

Networking is a wonderful opportunity to uncover new prospects and grow your network of professional contacts, both of which are crucial throughout the job search process.

A strong peer network enables you to enquire about employment openings and maybe gain recommendations from them. You could even make a connection with an employer who recognises your ability and is interested in hiring you.

Business networks are significant assets that you may use for a variety of goals, such as receiving advice from experienced persons and thereby increasing your employability.

Improve Your Interview Techniques

It’s a good idea to be well-prepared even before you have an interview. The team at ABN can help you with this, and you can book a consultation here for free tips and hints, so you can ace that next interview.

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