Finding talent in lubricants, fuels and oil industries

A Seasonal Guide To Recruiting Top Talent

September and October are popular hiring months. The return from summer vacations, budget planning season and getting new hires on board for a Jan 1 start are primary drivers. 

So, how should lubricant companies prepare for peak recruiting months and get ahead of the competition for talent?

Here are four strategies for preparing for peak-season employment markets.

1. Develop a talent pipeline

Attaining the right quality talent in a timely manner is a hallmark of top-performing companies. A key part of this is commitment to developing a strong talent pipeline all year round. This speeds up your hiring timeframes with the right quality of people and can deliver a 42% reduction in cost-per-hire according to CareerBuilder. So make time to take those coffee meets, lunches and dinners – grow your network, you never know when you may have to call on it. 

2. Make Retention a Priority

A good way to stop hiring is to retain the people you already have! Employee replacement can be a time-consuming and costly procedure. With a buoyant job market, now is the time to arrange meetings, check the engagement of your workforce, listen and make changes as necessary to retain your staff.

87% of employees who are highly engaged are less likely to leave an organisation, according to statistics from the Corporate Leadership Council. And another benefit:  engaged employees are more likely to promote their employer to other prospective employees, which helps to fill that talent pipeline and your jobs!

3. Manage Change Proactively

It is impossible to avoid change. Particularly in the downstream oil market with so many challenges going on right now. It is critical your employees are prepared for these changes, not just so your company can thrive and make the most of the opportunities change brings, but also because your team will feel engaged, and have purpose and the support to excel. 

4. Communication and clarity is key 

Demonstrate how your company has a beneficial influence on the world, its employees, markets, and customers. Also, make sure that your interactions with candidates are consistent, whether it’s communication during job interviews, the relevance of content on your website, the research and insight that your organisation produces, or simply the team’s LinkedIn profiles. Be excited and inventive about what the industry and your organisation have to offer.


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