Wouldn’t It Be Nice To Face The Future With Certainty?

2022 has a new challenge coming. As the lubricants industry continues to battle with supply chain and raw material pricing, a new challenge is around the corner – hiring. And that’s a big one because without the right people your business will struggle. 

Fortune and Deloitte report 73% of CEO’s interviewed said a skills shortage is the most likely issue to disrupt their business in the next 12 months. 57% of those CEOs said talent attraction is the biggest challenge, and with Gallup reporting, 48% of employees are looking for a change, Personio put it at a more reasonable 25%. Coming closer to the lubricants industry ABN are certainly seeing more jobs than there are available personnel, and going outside of the sector to bring in new entrants to the market is not without challenge as well. 

The mix of a skills shortage, struggle to attract talent, and employees likely to leave is not a good cocktail, but you can fix it. 

Winning talent attraction strategies to combat the skills shortage

If the above sounds like a nightmare for you, start working on it today to make a more predictable and better future a reality. How? A good place to start is pouring a nice cocktail (well it’s nearly Christmas time isn’t it) and reading our article about the “Great Resignation”.  

Here you will find some key strategies on talent attraction and retention so you can have one less problem in 2022.  

Free report on Diversity & Inclusion for the downstream Oil Industry

In case you missed it, you can get your free copy of ABN Resource’s Diversity & Inclusion report here, it is full of useful content to help you and your company establish a competitive edge through D&I initiatives. 

The 2021 Milestone Achievements In Sustainability

It seems in the lubes sector, you can’t read anything without seeing “sustainability” mentioned these days. So as not to disappoint you – check out our latest podcast, with Apu Gosalia where we discuss, you guessed it, sustainability and the progress the lubes sector has made on this journey in 2021. 

Listen now on our podcast feed, or Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Stitcher or any other platform of your choice.

ABN + Lube Magazine: Engaging Employees With Your Sustainability Journey

Delivering sustainability in your company is going to be almost impossible if you don’t engage your employees with the mission. Many organisations are still trying to find the best practice on how to link sustainability with the employee’s daily work and the company’s operations in general.

In the article featured in the latest issue of the Lube Magazine, we offer a few key ideas to help you. You can read it now on our blog page, plus we’d recommend subscribing to read the full December issue here, which includes the very best lubricant industry insights.

Leadership Job Opportunities

December is still a brilliant time to find a new position. At ABN Resource, we work alongside global industry leaders, we have been recruiting for a variety of senior leadership, commercial & technical roles across lubricants and fuel industries. 

Get in ahead of the rush and apply for your next role now.