Lubricants Industry, Talent Survey Results Are In.

This month we are pleased to share with readers our Lubricants Talent Report. We reached out to our network with some key questions to help you develop your career, attract, develop and retain talent. We were also featured in the latest issue of the Lubes’n’Greases where we covered an important but often overlooked aspect of sustainability, social sustainability.

Talent attraction and retention trends, what the lubricants workforce wants

Our aim with the Lubricants Talent Report is to give the reader an up to date analysis on the state of the employment market and workplace trends impacting the lubricants industry in 2022.

Without people, companies can’t achieve and excel in the areas they want to. This report will show you what is essential to the workforce now, what you need to do to protect yourself from staff turnover and how to attract talent to your company. It also advises employees on the top skills and in-demand areas for the sector, so you can build your skills and knowledge to position yourself well for your future career.

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Social sustainability, why is it so important for lubes market

Sustainability has become a key term in the Lubricants industry, with many people and organisations striving to be more environmentally conscious. However, sustainability is not just about conserving resources – it is also about creating social and economic opportunities for all members of society. 

Unfortunately, social sustainability is a very often overlooked aspect of sustainability. 

In the May edition of the Lubes’n’Grease, we explored the topic of social sustainability, why social sustainability is so important, and what lubricant organisations can do to support it.

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Hybrid working, how to make it work for your business

The success of hybrid working arrangements starts with people – the most valuable asset of any organisation. Businesses need to carefully consider all of the factors and trends shaping the lubricants workplace. Some of them you can find in our Lubricants Talent Report, we also covered the topic of hybrid working in one of our latest blog articles.

Find out what is the essence of hybrid working, here.

Lubricants events, meet ABN Resource team this year

In May, ABN Resource represented by James Moorhouse attended the UKLA Sustainability conference. Here, you can find the key highlights of this inspiring event. In the months ahead, we are going to participate in more events such as the Lubricant Expo, ILMA Annual Congress and UEIL 2022 Annual Congress. 

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Adding value, who is ABN Resource

At a time of great change for the lubricants industry, we help companies to navigate their key talent challenges so they can make the most of the opportunities to grow.

We source most of our placements through proactive headhunting and via our network. With a keen interest in testing conventional hiring thinking, we deliver highly diverse candidate shortlists assessed via our award-winning methodology HireInsight.  

“But you just hire lubes and fuel people, right”?

Well, we can do that of course, but we also source and hire personnel from outside the sector too.

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