Adding Value: Hiring Happy & High Performing Teams That Grow YOUR Business

ABN Resource are a global team of expert recruiters serving the lubricants and fuels sector. At a time of great change for the downstream oil market, we help companies to navigate their key challenges so they can make the most of the opportunities to grow. 

We source most of our placements through proactive headhunting and via our network. With a keen interest in testing conventional hiring thinking, we deliver highly diverse candidate shortlists assessed via our award-winning methodology HireInsight.  


“But you just hire lubes and fuel people, right”? 


Well, we can do that of course, but we also source and hire personnel from outside the sector too. We advocate for transferable skills, hiring on attitude and aptitude to learn.

If businesses are to successfully overcome some of today’s industry challenges, or start operating in new fields of work, attracting and hiring people from outside the sector who bring new thinking and experience is an effective strategy.  

We are able to position lubes and fuels to this audience as an attractive career choice via our team who engage with industry and non-industry talent all the time.

Industry Specialist

With 15+ years of experience and an industry network of over 20,000 + contacts, we have great insight into the best possible way to recruit the right people across various lubricants & fuels sectors we serve. 

Our involvement in industry associations and attendance at key events such as UEIL, ILMA, UKLA, UKIFDA, ELGI, UNITI, and STLE keeps us advised on industry trends and deepen our network. 

Talent Attraction Advisor

Our knowledge is always up to date on global market job trends. Before a search for talent begins, we explore the unique opportunities and offer insight into recruitment issues you could face. 

We make plans for how to market and position your career opportunity to attract the ideal candidates. This could be things like reviewing working location, a job description that really makes the role enticing, a job title that may need to be tweaked to talk to the outside world better, and advice on competitive remuneration and benefits

We work with people that we are passionate about what they offer, and make sure the companies we put them to offer the right workplace culture, engaging roles and long term career options.

Trusted Partner

We value long term relationships with our clients. CEOs, MDs, HRDs and VPs trust us to get the key leadership, commercial and technical appointments to take their business forward. After completing executive searches it is common for the relationship changes from hiring a partner to an advisor for all things relating to people, teams and leadership at work.

One of the most satisfying parts of our work is when we can act as a sounding board, be a supportive and listening ear, question thinking and beliefs, and offer an independent voice to support customers to operate their teams effectively. 

When a client trusts us enough to share new ideas, frustrations, or concerns, it helps us do our job better. The better understanding we have, the better our ability to recruit the best possible talent for you too.

Get in touch with ABN Resource

In the future series of articles, we will share more insights into the work we do and why we share a passion for our jobs as executive search consultants. 

Meantime, if you seeking an executive search firm for your next candidate search within the downstream oil industry, get in touch with our team at enquiries@abnresource.com or simply fill in a short contact form.