Innovation, Change and Adding Value In The Lubricants Industry

The downstream oil industry has been undergoing transformation to meet changing consumer needs, improve employee engagement and develop robust business models to counter the future dynamics of the sector. With the opportunities this creates, how do you get ahead, and avoid being left behind? 

Upskill for the future workplace

A key area of competitive advantage is people. Investing in skills development has the dual benefit of supporting your own career development, and boosting company performance. Employers also need to meet the development needs of their employees to combat turnover. 

In our latest series of articles, we took a closer look into retention, career progression and upskilling. We hope you find them useful and valuable as you take your next career or people based decisions at work:



As the lubricant market dynamics change, soft skills will be a key way to make the most of the opportunities in the sector. You can continue to keep an eye on our blog page for more insightful articles covering strategies, tips and advice within this area.

Educating a wider audience on the value of the lubricants industry

The downstream oil industry is widely misunderstood when it comes to the value it has in society, economy, environment and as a career choice. How can we change this perception? One important aspect is education about the positive initiatives the lubricants industry has taken in order to better protect the environment. It’s a sector of great importance that literally keeps the world moving, increasing reliability and efficiency, and decreasing emissions. 

In April, to shine a light on the positive work of the sector, we wrote about the evolution of environmentally friendly lubricants and the role it has in the future, which you can read about, here.

Uncover trends shaping the downstream oil industry

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Take the next step in your career with our highlighted top jobs

In April, we were briefed on a number of really interesting roles within the speciality lubricants industry through Europe and the USA. Highlights this month include a Technical Development Manager in Specialty Esters, which you can apply directly through our career page

Please note, due to confidentiality, not all live roles are advertised so if you are looking to move, get in touch with the ABN Resource team at enquiries@abnresource.com.

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Lubricants and fuels keep the world moving. The industry is constantly evolving, and right now the downstream oil industry has a big focus on sustainability, net-zero, circular economy and digital transformation. Exciting times. 

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