The September Roundup

This month features talent strategies, exclusive job opportunities in the lubricants market and key trends shaping the lubricants industry in our new Lubricants Market COVID-19 Report. In September, ABN Resource continued their sponsorship of ICIS “Rising Star” award for the virtual conference in the APAC region.   

Jobs of the month

In September, we were delighted to conclude a Managing Director search for Master Fluid Solutions European business unit. Currently, in partnership with lubricants industry leaders, we have been working on a variety of really interesting jobs across the globe. Highlights include a Board level position of Technical Director at Vickers Oil. We encourage applications and any recommendations for top talent.

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Lubricants talent celebration

Brendon Wong was a very worthy winner of the ICIS Rising Star – Asia Pacific award, we are now eagerly awaiting the shortlist and the nominees for the Middle East & Africa ICIS Rising Star award.

If you know someone or consider yourself to be a Rising Star, make sure you don’t miss the deadline of 2nd October for submissions. The winner will be announced at the ICIS Middle Eastern & African Base Oils and Lubricants Virtual Conference, taking place from 12 – 14 October. This event is free to attend so please register here, our team will be there and available to meet you online.  

Learn more about the ICIS events and please participate in voting for the most promising emerging talent in the base oil and finished lubricants industry. 

The Lubricants Market COVID-19 Report

In recent months, we worked on the Lubricants Market COVID-19 report to better understand the global pandemic implications on the lubricants industry.

The document is a compilation of first-hand information from our clients and candidates, followed by a worldwide survey and inputs from industry experts. Based on gathered information we selected top trends shaping the global lubricants industry, emerging opportunities and challenges in the post-COVID-19 market.


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Our new office. Our team is growing!

We are excited to announce that our team has moved to a new location in downtown Leeds, which is situated in the Leeming Building, our address is:


ABN Resource spent the previous three years, not far away from our current office, where we made great memories (and many successful projects). But more important than our space, is our people – and as we expand and support a great team of experienced recruitment specialists we now have the perfect office space to do its. Learn more about our team, while we continue unpacking!

Thanks, everyone for supporting ABN Resource growth. And, if you’re in the area, feel free to stop by and say hello!

Strategies for future success

In September, we published the article series that tackle challenges related to talent acquisition within the lubricants industry. In our articles, we shared some actionable and practical points to attract, manage and retain talent at your organisation.

Prepare for the future with our talent guides:


Do you struggle to attract talent to your business? Does your company experience high turnover, disengagement or sluggish productivity? Learn more about how ABN Resource can help you with talent management at your organization.


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