Beyond the Barrel: Let’s Talk About Leadership

ABN Resource is committed to connecting top talent with the lubricants industry around the globe. In this month’s Beyond the Barrel monthly newsletter, we provide valuable content to support your professional growth and organisational success, taking a closer look at successful leadership in the lubricants industry.

What does it mean to be a leader

In our commitment to advance leadership within the lubricants industry, we launched a new series dedicated to exploring pivotal leadership insights. Leading the Way: Leadership Insights for Lubricants Professionals aims to dissect the significant trends reshaping our industry and the leadership manoeuvres crucial for steering these changes successfully. Featured articles include:

How to build a leadership pipeline

Understanding the critical need for nurturing leadership within our industry, ABN Resource has developed an in-depth whitepaper titled How To Develop Leadership In The Lubricants Industry. This guide is invaluable for companies aiming to cultivate a resilient leadership framework. It provides a roadmap for identifying, nurturing, and retaining leadership talent within the lubricants industry, ensuring your organisation’s future is in capable hands.


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Spotlight on New Leadership Jobs

This month, we’d like to highlight three key positions. These opportunities are perfect for professionals ready to take their career to the next level within different fields of the lubricants industry.


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