Hiring Insights For The Lubricants Industry

In the last few months, ABN Resource kept informed of lubricant industry news, and market trends and took networking opportunities by sponsoring and attending Lubricant Expo, UEIL Annual Congress, UKLA Annual Dinner. In October podcast we welcomed Sanya Mathura, MD at Strategic Reliability Solutions, to talk about women in STEM

In this monthly round up we are sharing our key insights and learnings from October. 

State of the lubricants job market, October 2022

We recently investigated the current hiring demand in the downstream oil market. 

Cost to hire is going up with wages rising, companies who are more flexible on essential vs desirable skills are managing these costs more effectively and can invest the savings in upskilling and developing existing and new talent. Companies focusing on value alignment with staff are making good progress in attracting new talent and retaining existing personnel in a tight employment market. 

We also offered some ideas on where we see the biggest demand for skills in the sector. And we answered how companies can still hire the right candidate when there is a small number of candidates available to interview. You can read more about these topics here: 

Empowering Women in STEM

In the latest ABN Resource Podcast episode, James Moorhouse welcomed Sanya Mathura, the Founder, and Managing Director of Strategic Reliability Solutions Ltd and the author of the book “Empowering Women in STEM Personal Stories and Career Journeys from Around the World”. They talked about women in STEM, diversity and inclusion, and the most in-demand skills necessary in the ever-changing lubricants industry, and much more. 

Listen to this inspiring conversation now

People – the key to innovation and unlocking opportunity

In October, ABN Resource sponsored and attended the 2022 UEIL Annual Congress, which explored the topic of innovation. 

At a time of change and challenge in the lubricant sector, innovation and the quality of the personnel tackling these issues, are going to be key ways to make the most of the opportunities. 

We believe the times ahead are some of the most exciting for career development and meaningful work in the lubricants sector. It was encouraging to hear from keynote speakers from the European Commission and lubricant industry professionals share this view. The task now is to take action on the statements that were made. 

A positive development and action from the congress was the formation of a communication committee across UEIL and ILMA to promote the value and contribution lubricants make to the world. Lubricants and the people in the sector have a lot to be proud of. If this message can get to a wider audience effectively we believe awareness will help to attract talent and support for the sector so we can all continue to grow and develop.  

Unleashing your potential –  lubricants Career Advice 

At ABN Resource, we are dedicated to supporting our customers with career search, hiring needs, and leadership strategies. By creating special guidelines, we would like to equip you with much more clarity and confidence on topics that matter to you. 

Below is a selection of our recent support guides, with many more available for free on our website:


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