Shape the Future: Talent Attraction and Retention In The Lubricants Industry

Talent attraction and retention strategies continue to be the hot topic in our discussions this month with ABN Resource’s global workplace community in the lubricants industry.  

The conversation has changed from talent attraction being an issue the sector was not really aware of in the past, to the present-day position of being a recognised and very real problem. And now the big question that remains: How to attract and retain talent?

ABN Resource can offer you some talent attraction and retention answers to help! 

This past month we delivered talks on this subject at the ILMA Annual Meeting, and the UKLA Succession and Sustainability Conference. 

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Planning Sustainable Succession 

At the UKLA Succession and Sustainability Conference, industry experts discussed the importance of sustainable succession planning as a pivotal strategy for ensuring the continuity of leadership and fostering a pipeline of skilled professionals. 

James Moorhouse, ABN Resource Director delivered a keynote talk and also participated in a panel discussion, where he highlighted the importance of building a resilient team to turn today’s market challenges into an opportunity by having a resilient team. 

Further points were made about the need for organisations to proactively identify and develop internal talent, promote a culture of continuous learning, and create robust leadership development programs that align with the company’s long-term goals and objectives.

Leveraging Innovative Talent Attraction Strategies

During the ILMA Annual Meeting, ABN Resource participated in the Lubricants Trends panel discussion where James talked about the power of strong company culture and the significance of innovative talent attraction strategies in the competitive hiring market. 

In the discussions, a need for organisations to embrace creative recruitment approaches, and leverage digital platforms and technology. The conference also emphasised the critical role of a strong employer brand in creating a compelling narrative that resonates with potential candidates, showcasing the organisation as an employer of choice within the industry.

Nurturing a Culture of Employee Engagement and Retention

Both conferences emphasised the value of fostering a culture of employee engagement and retention as a cornerstone of sustainable growth and organisational success. This includes the need for companies to prioritise employee well-being, offer meaningful career development opportunities, and promote a supportive work environment that encourages continuous learning and professional growth. 

Embracing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Diversity, equity, and inclusion emerged as a company performance superpower at both conferences. Creating a diverse and inclusive workplace culture that fosters innovation and creativity is critical for success and growth. Industry leaders emphasised the need for organisations to embrace diversity as a strategic imperative, foster an inclusive work environment, and prioritise initiatives that promote equity and equality within the industry. 

Looking Ahead

As the lubricants industry continues to evolve, the focus on talent attraction and retention remains paramount in shaping the future of the lubricants sector. Organisations are encouraged to act on the insights and tips gained from the UKLA Succession Planning & Sustainability and the ILMA Annual Meeting to develop comprehensive strategies that prioritise talent development, foster inclusivity, and drive organisational success in the long run.

Where to start? Download the recap now to start shaping your company’s future in the industry.


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