The December Roundup: News, Events & Jobs In The Lubricants Industry

In December, we released our latest podcast with John Turner, Vice President of International Operations at Lubrication Engineers, covering the topic of international business expansion. In the past weeks, ABN Resource announced their sponsorship of the Argus Base Oils Conference in London, in February 2023. We also launched our digitalisation report discussing the key challenges, opportunities and initiatives undertaken in digitalisation in the downstream oil sector.


The ABN Resource podcast aims to highlight the lubricants sector to a wider audience so we can educate, attract and inform new talents. In addition to hearing about John Turner’s career to date, we covered how to take your company to new international markets. If you want to learn what to do and what not to do, please take 20 minutes over the holidays to give the podcast a listen here.


The Argus Base Oils Conference will take place in the heart of London in February 2023, and ABN Resource are sponsor. The conference, which will be held from the 20th to the 22nd of February, will feature discussions on macroeconomics and geopolitical supply shocks, as well as an in-depth assessment of the global base oils market, re-refined base oils, and of course some great networking opportunities.

You may check the agenda and register for this event, here.

This sponsorship builds on our partnerships with the UEIL, UKLA, Lube Expo and Lubes N Greases to make sure we are supporting the industry, networking and keeping on top of the key industry trends so we can keep supporting the sector with the right talents. 


We have been recruiting for a number of senior leadership, commercial, and technical opportunities throughout the lubricants and fuel sectors at ABN Resource. With current active requirements in Europe and USA. 

Apply for your next job now to beat the surge of applications that occurs around the new year!


You can get a free copy of ABN Resource’s Digital Transformation study here. In the report, we illustrate digitalisation in action for the downstream oil sector, give advice on how to execute digital strategies, and look at the workforce skills necessary in this exciting and rapidly increasing area of the downstream oil industry.

Download the report now.


As the holiday season approaches, we want to express our best wishes to you and your loved ones for the festive season ahead. And we wish to express our sincere gratitude and appreciation to our valued customers and suppliers.

When we hear from clients that we have helped to achieve key strategic goals or place talent that achieved a new annual record and growth, we know we are bringing value to our customers on important tasks. And when candidates tell us how happy they are at work and the difference it makes to their quality of life, this service is why we are in business.

We are very grateful that you choose to partner with us, we are on track for another strong performance in ABN’s history of year-on-year growth and are excited about what 2023 will bring.