Digitalisation, Delivering Growth In A Recession, & New Sponsorship

In this newsletter, we share our key recruitment trends in lubricants and fuels that we think will come into focus in 2023. This past month we talked on our podcast with Marc Lawn, Executive VP at Calumet, covering leadership in challenging economic times. We also launched our digitalisation report discussing the key challenges, opportunities and initiatives undertaken in the downstream oil sectors, as well as shared strategies that may be helpful to minimise the effect of skill shortage in this area.

Free report on digital transformation 

In case you missed it, you can get your free copy of ABN Resource’s Digital Transformation report here. In the report we showcase digitalisation in action for the downstream oil industry, offer tips on how to implement digital strategies, and take a look at the workforce skills required in this exciting and fast growing sector of the downstream oil industry. 


In November, we talked with Marc Lawn, Executive Vice President – Performance Brands at Calumet Specialty Products Partners. In this podcast episode, Marc shares his perspective on career, leadership and traits needed to succeed in the downstream oil industry.

You can listen to the ABN Resource Podcast on our website, here. The episode is also available on major podcasting platforms, including Spotify, Apple Podcasts and others.

Lubricants hiring trends 2023

Recruiting the right talent will continue to be a significant challenge for businesses, trying to achieve growth and profitability with economic challenges, the right team can make this happen. To stay on top of the latest recruitment trends, we have reflected upon what hiring practices are to continue and most likely to feature in 2023, you can read about it here.

For more information about ABN Resource or to discuss more detailed strategies for your hiring or career development needs, contact us today.

ABN Resource to Sponsor Argus Base Oils Conference

ABN Resource are sponsoring the 2023 Argus Base Oils Conference in central London. Scheduled for February 20-22nd, the event will include macroeconomics, geopolitical supply shocks, an in-depth analysis of the global base oils market, re-refined base oils and networking. 

You can visit the website to view the agenda and sign up​​.

Leadership job opportunities

At ABN Resource, we work alongside global industry leaders, we have been recruiting for a variety of senior leadership, commercial & technical roles across the lubricants and fuel industries. 

Get in ahead of the new year applicants rush and apply for your next role now.