7 Reasons To Work With Recruitment Experts

Did you know that ABN Resource has reduced hiring costs by as much as £600k per annum for a customer? 

Partnering with the right recruitment firm can successfully transform a company’s approach to talent acquisition and deliver measurable business results faster and easier. And that’s what we do at ABN Resource; we ensure our clients make the correct hiring decisions while saving time and money. 

Look below at just a few other reasons choosing to work with ABN Resource can be the best hiring decision you make today.

1. Candidate Quality

Using a recruitment agency should mean that you see only candidates – job seekers who have been pre-selected to match all the criteria you are looking for and are worthy of consideration and interview. The ABN team consists of specialists in sourcing, engagement, screening, assessment, and onboarding. In this way, we can optimize candidate quality, experience, and retention rates.

2. Global Network

The best recruitment agencies should act as partners and collaborators being your eyes and ears in the market. At ABN Resource, we have 15+ years of experience within the global downstream oil industry, which gives us great insight into the best possible way to recruit the right people. We know the global market trends and constantly changing recruitment landscape, so we are primed and ready to meet your hiring needs. 

3. Cost Reduction

Organisations are constantly seeking ways to reduce recruitment costs while maintaining their ability to recruit the best talent. The right recruitment partner delivers cost-effective solutions and streamlines every aspect of the recruitment process, from sourcing talent to onboarding new hires. ABN Resource increases new hire retention by 40% longer than the industry average, mitigating the significant costs associated with employee turnover.

4. Shorter Time-To-Hire

Time-to-hire can be an enormous challenge. Organisations struggle to find the right talent and quickly onboard new hires, leading to decreased productivity and profitability. At ABN Resource, we have a vast talent pool in our established database and network of 20,000+ connections within the downstream oil industry to leverage, which helps us locate people with those hard-to-find skills you are looking for. This means that candidates submitted for your review are those that fit the criteria of your job. 

All of this helps shorten your time to hire without compromising on quality!

5. Unique Recruitment Technology

Utilising the right recruitment technologies and marketing tools enables identifying and sourcing job seekers, engaging passive candidates, reducing time-to-hire, and improving the candidate experience. At ABN Resource, we provide our clients with resources, marketing, and technical expertise that would otherwise come at incremental and often prohibitive costs to your organization.

Our recruitment process is integrated with ‘HireInsight’, which captures all information you need to know about a candidate, including salary details, CVs, references, psychometric tests and competency questionnaire results. In this way, our clients are provided with meaningful management information reports and visibility across the entire recruitment process to drive continuous improvement, innovation, and service excellence.

6. Employee Brand

With your permission, a recruitment agency will sell your company to any candidate they feel is appropriate for the position. It is always great for another business to speak highly of your company and get the candidate excited about potentially working for you. That way, when they walk into an interview, they already have a favourable opinion of you.

7. Process Improvements

The right partner can help you completely rethink how your organization acquires talent and transform your talent acquisition strategy to meet your objectives better. At ABN Resource, we implement a proven process to deliver consistent and industry-leading results. A response to the presentation of a candidate shortlist takes just 3.5 weeks on average. We begin by getting to know your organisation, its culture, and your recruitment needs. Inside out. Working closely with you, we explore the unique recruitment issues and opportunities your company offers and advise you on succession planning, employee engagement, assessment, onboarding, and many others.

In this way, we want to help you optimize your approach to save costs and drive greater value across your employee lifecycle, increasing your return on investment as well as your performance.

Your Partner In Growth

Day in and day out, we work to meet your hiring needs. Our main goal is to find you the top talent your organisation needs. 

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