Leadership & management in the oil & gas industry

When it comes to managing a team, the last thing you want to encounter is realising you’ve hired the wrong person for the job, highly frustrated employees or stagnant results.

Instead, you want to create a working environment where employees feel valued and are eager to show their value to you through hard work, collaboration and innovation.

But how do you achieve this?

Creating your ideal workplace situation is not only about getting the right people in the team – but also making sure their needs are taken care of once they are an employee. Strategies must therefore be developed to help a team succeed and enable them to achieve great things for a business.

For our Directors James Moorhouse and James Leigh, their collective years of recruiting executive level employees in the oil and gas sector – from hiring, onboarding and following up on progress – means they understand what techniques produce the best results – for both happy employees and a company’s success.

In this article, we round up all the key insights our directors have shared so far – making it easy for leaders and managers in the oil and gas industry to access useful information.

Leadership & management techniques in the oil and gas industry

The below sections provide links to all our articles on both management and leadership topics.

For when you’re hiring

It starts with ensuring you find the right fit for a company. From our recruitment experience there are two sides to this – the first involves looking out for any interview red flags. Secondly, if you are hiring an executive role look out for important leadership qualities when interviewing.

Employee retention – keeping your talent

Now you have great talent in your company it’s important to ensure their personal development and employment needs are met. Here’s a round up of our best employee retention strategies, plus how to be a great mentor – a time tested way of keeping staff engaged.

Getting the best out of your team

You’ve hired the best people and there are no signs of them leaving – but how do you ensure you’re getting the most out of your employees? Here’s our article on using the growth mindset method to encourage staff to work better together, plus our insights on how to reduce and effectively deal with workplace conflict.



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