James Moorhouse

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    Is Workplace Incivility Hurting Your Employee Retention? (2021 Update)

    Over 60% of employees intentionally cut down on work efforts after experiencing incivility in the workplace, research from Ted speaker and Professor, Christine Porath, has found. When you think...

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    Being Happy.

    Oil & Gas UK reported 50% of adults to experience mental illness at some point, only 20% seek help. If the humanitarian aspect of looking after people is not...

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    How A Growth Mindset Benefits Your Company

    Last year I attended an intriguing talk from Matthew Syed – The Times columnist, olympian and author of some of my favourite books Black Box Thinking and Bounce, to...

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    7 Steps For Encouraging Employee Advocacy In the Oil Industry

    When it comes to attracting new talent into the oil industry, public perception continues to be a growing challenge, particularly when recruiting younger generations into the field.

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    Finding The Best Hire – Part 2: How To Spot True Leaders When Interviewing

    In our last blog article, we discussed the red flags to watch out for when interviewing, so you don’t end up with a regretted hire. For the second part...

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