The Most Important Word for 2021

“Purpose” is our word for 2021. 

The reason is that now more than ever, we want to contribute to a cause and make a difference. We want to have a clear “purpose” for doing what we are doing. We want to be inspired.

Having clarity of “purpose” is one of the most important steps to accomplishing our goals. Remember: it’s not about WHAT you do but WHY you do it. Those that do create clarity around their WHY will discover a renewed sense of passion, energy, and focus.

For your organization, creating a clear “purpose” will help you attract others to your cause and retain those who have already joined. People who find meaning in their work don’t hoard their energy and dedication. They give them freely, they grow rather than stagnate. They do more – and they do it better.

By tapping into that power, you can transform an entire organization. So what steps do you need to take to define the “purpose” for more prosperous and rewarding 2021?

Happy New Year everyone!


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