Plan.Grow.Do. How To Retain And Recruit Talent In The Lubricant Sector

The Lubricants sector has a story to tell and they must tell it better than they do today. Why is it so important?

  • Because you are missing the inherent value in retaining your key talent and wasting money on recruitment that you shouldn’t need to be doing.
  • Because you are not sharing the story about the energy transition with people who want to be part of the work and they are going elsewhere.
  • Because your leadership is not focused on nurturing an environment that embraces difference and inclusivity.


Watch this episode in the Talk With series by Steve Knapp with a special guest –  James Moorehouse – Director of Lubricants and Fuel, Global from ABN Resources Ltd.

James shares his experiences, mixes them up with some interesting data points and shares with you what you can do to improve your retention rates and talent hire successes.

Here is a sneak peek of the conversation. The full talk is available here.