The world of lubriCANts

This month, ABN Resource released a new podcast episode discussing effective leadership traits for the lubricants industry. In one of our latest thought-leadership pieces, we shared some advice on creating a thriving work environment that attracts new waves of talent.

Talent attraction is a topic which will be also explored in the upcoming Lubricants Expo, where ABN Resource are Platinum Sponsors for Europe’s first free-to-attend conference connecting lubricants solution providers with end-user buyers.

Workplace trends 2022

In June, we released our 2022 Talent Survey talent report for the lubricants industry. We may be biased but we think it gives you the most up-to-date and detailed insight into current employment trends in the lubricants sector – and it’s free for you to download here, isn’t that nice?

Tactics for Leadership in the Lubricants Industry 

In the latest episode of the ABN Resource Podcast, James Moorhouse spoke with Nicolas Frizon, Global Head of Sales Industry and Automotive Division at NYCO, to discuss what it takes to become a successful leader in the lubricants industry.

In this episode, you can hear about the biggest leadership challenges in the dynamically evolving lubricants industry and the actions we can take as an industry to attract new generations of leaders. 

You can listen to the ABN Resource Podcast on our website, here.  

Note: All episodes are also available on the major podcasting platforms, including Spotify, Apple Podcasts and others.

The Great Resignation or the Great Attraction?

If the intentions of the professionals who responded to our Lubricants Talent survey last months are to be believed, 31 per cent of them plan to leave their current workplace in the coming months, and the other 47 per cent are open to exploring new job opportunities. So only 22% of the workforce are firmly committed to staying put in their current job this year!

The lubricant workplace has certainly changed, however, by investing in cultural transformation, lubricant organisations can establish a constant stream of talent who can be content in their work. 

By seizing this unique moment to create a better workplace, companies could gain an edge in the race to attract, develop, and retain the talent they need to create a thriving post-pandemic organisation.

Find out where to start, here.

Lubricant Expo is fast approaching!

As the Lubricant Expo platinum sponsors, we are delighted to share with you a full conference agenda. The event will consist of three stages where topics include sustainability, regulation, production, innovation for lubricant customers and much more. 

Check out the Lube Expo agenda now.

And if we don’t see you there, we are participating at ILMA, UEIL Congress and UKLA events later this year. 


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