Lubricant Expo Review, & More Opportunities To Meet ABN Resource At ILMA And UEIL

The first Lubricant Expo in Essen was sponsored and attended by personnel from ABN Resource in September. The event was a unique opportunity for lubricant end users, manufacturing leaders, pioneers, and peers, to get together, network and discuss how lubricants can improve their carbon footprint, performance, and cost profiles through cutting-edge innovation, smart commercialization, and industry-wide collaboration.

Professionals in the lubricants industry were given the opportunity to participate in strategic and technical sessions during which they discussed the most pressing issues, challenges, and opportunities facing the lubricants industry today, including the following:

  • Sustainability within the lubricants industry including supply chain improvements, changes in manufacturing processes and innovations, taking into consideration the worldwide push for more environmentally friendly options.
  • Lubricants application-led insights into the most recent technologies that require new, high-performing lubricants on the plant floor, in the automotive sector, and across the energy sector, with exhibitors including companies such as Brenntag, Castrol, Lubrizol and a great many others.
  • Cost management, regional differences in both demand and innovation, cutting-edge technologies that focus on a variety of lubricant innovations and their application.


Multiple panel discussions focused on current lubricant sector issues, considering the ways in which challenging market conditions can foster opportunity and create new ways of conducting business.

James Moorhouse concluded:

“The first ever Lube Expo proved to be an excellent addition to the lubricant industry events calendar. It was well attended by our key industry contacts and gave us an opportunity to build some new relationships with companies that have a very exciting vision for the future. It was nice to hear a greater focus on the importance of people to guide the market through the times of change the sector is facing.  Being in the room to hear future developments and opportunities reaffirmed there is plenty of opportunity for people to have a rewarding and highly enjoyable career in the lubes sector.”


More events to come

In October 2022, ABN Resource is sponsoring and attending two other excellent lubricant industry events: 


2022 ILMA Annual Meeting

The 2022 ILMA Annual Meeting gathers 1,000+ lubricants industry professionals – from manufacturers and distributors to raw materials and solutions providers – at the beautiful Marco Island, Florida October 1-4. 

James Moorhouse and USA-based delivery consultant Terre Christensen will be attending the formal and informal networking opportunities offered by this great resort-based event. You can make an appointment request here



2022 UEIL Annual Congress

The 2022 edition of the UEIL Annual Congress will be held in Athens, Greece starting on the 19th of October. It is a 3-day event organised by the Union of the European Lubricants Industry with the leading theme “Driving innovation – the lubricant industry on the move”.

The event will explore the topic of innovation along different stages of the value chain, with the aim of understanding the regulatory environment and tools at hand – as well as being inspired by success stories and case studies presented by the brightest European lubricant manufacturers.

The UEIL congress is always a great opportunity to network and catch up with industry peers. This year you can meet James Moorhouse, Director or Delivery Consultant for Europe, and Sabrina Panero and set an appointment here