Four Reasons to Hire In December

December can be a superb month to steal a march on your recruitment competitors and find amazing talent to join your organisation.  

In this blog, we will give you four reasons why you should keep recruiting to maximize chances to get the top talent within the lubricants & fuels industry.

1. Less Recruitment Competition

Highlighting December as a good time to recruit is a contrarian view to a commonly held belief that you should wait till the new year. But while many of your competitors decide to slack off, it is the perfect time to showcase your company proposition in the job market. Active (and passive) job seekers are more likely to read your advert and potentially apply. There is a highly competitive fight between organisations to attract the best talent.  If the opposition decided not to show up there is only one winner!  Use the weaker market as an opportunity for easy gains.

2. Social Media Activity Peaks

December is one of the months with the highest activities across social media. This is also a key time when candidates start to reach out across social media to friends, colleagues and clients. Platforms such as LinkedIn or Facebook are awash with festive messages. This gives hiring organisations a fantastic opportunity to push their employer branding to a target audience that is more receptive than normal. This is an advantage for recruiting as this would mean more exposure to your job adverts and organisation.

3. Candidates Have Increased Availability

Usually, December is the month with a lower number of business-critical projects occupying their mind and their desk. There is also a more relaxed atmosphere and is a higher probability that job seekers will find it easier to speak to recruiters and attend interviews.   

4. Candidates Are Considering Their Options

Many candidates start reflecting at year-end on whether their current role meets their future needs.  Others have already decided they are leaving, and some know their bonus is on the way so it’s a nice time to exit without losing out on earnings. This leads to more qualified professionals searching for their dream job and they could be the right person for your roles. 

Solid Foundation for January 2022

Why have a stressful start to the new year? By starting your recruitment before the end of 2021, you can be ahead of the competition. Even if you have not hired anyone, by starting the process you know what to expect. Therefore, you can be ready to start a new year with a clear agenda.

How ABN Resource Can Support Recruitment

We can take care of the whole process or the parts where you need the most support – from developing job specifications to conducting interviews, onboarding the successful candidates and beyond.

We work with clients across a wide range of industries and will call upon our experience and knowledge in your field, using the most appropriate tools including agencies, job boards, advertising and networking to seek out the candidates who are the best fit.

We support, advise and ensure you get the best out of your recruitment processes every step of the way. Contact us today to learn more about how we can support you.