cultivating a growth mindset in employees within lubricants industry

5 Easy Strategies To Cultivate A Growth Mindset In Employees For Smarter Working

In the previous article, we discussed the benefits of a growth mindset. Today we share five strategies that you can implement today to encourage a ‘growth mindset’ in your employees for smarter working.

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1. Start with the feedback

Review how feedback is given by managers. Ensure effort rather than talent is praised – discuss exactly what action can be taken to achieve their goals and suggest possible methods for improvement. Offer mentorship, workshops or relevant training to enhance their skills if needed. These give your employees powerful tools to grow in their roles.

2. Re-evaluate goal setting

The way in which goals are set plays an important role in employee mindset. Goals should be set in terms of specific learnings rather than generalised performance. Make sure the employee’s targets are realistic and achievable. When setting goals, have employees say what they are going to do using imperative verbs like ‘I will’ or ‘I am going to’.

3. Encourage curiosity to develop self-learning

Encourage employees to learn and get them to talk to the team about their findings so new ideas are shared.

4. Discuss and embrace failure as a learning opportunity

Don’t be afraid to discuss failures – create a culture where failure is seen as an opportunity for growth. During team meetings, have everyone give one example of a ‘failure’ and then let employees discuss together how they could handle this situation differently in future. This may seem like an uncomfortable exercise at first, but it allows employees to get used to being open to learn from mistakes and see failure as a tool for improvement.

5. Hold a mindset workshop

Hosting a workshop that discusses the importance of a growth mindset whilst giving examples of growth vs fixed mindset statements, can help employees adapt to this new way of thinking.

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Having a growth mindset doesn’t just mean a more positive way of thinking. It is a tool equipping you with resilience and strategies for development, despite any setbacks that come your way. Cultivating a growth mindset at work helps employees to be mentally prepared and responsive to new challenges so they can lead effectively in a dynamic industry.

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