A Recap of Key Insights and Highlights From The ICIS WBO24 Conference

The 28th ICIS World Base Oils and Lubricants Conference in London gathered around 300 delegates to explore the lubricants sector’s current state and future prospects. The event, held between the 6-8th February, featured many insightful discussions, strategic insights, and predictions that shed light on the evolving landscape of lubricants. 

Among the attendees were James Moorhouse, ABN Resource Founder & Director, and Sabrina Panero, Delivery Consultant.

Navigating Transition with Innovation

Artis Brown, ExxonMobil VP  for Base Oils & Waxes, delivered a great presentation. Highlighting the future potential of the lubricants sector amidst the backdrop of energy transition.

Artis Brown

Brown highlighted key factors driving future demand, emphasising the importance of lubes striving for greater efficiency, emissions reduction, waste reduction, and the adoption of new energy systems. He stressed the need for innovations in viscosity, volatility reduction, re-refined base stocks, bio feedstocks, and technologies to lower greenhouse gas emissions, all aimed at minimising the sector’s carbon footprint.

“Artis provided some great reasons why the lubes sector will remain strong for decades to come, as long as it continues to deliver products capable of meeting challenges associated with the energy transition,” remarked James Moorhouse.

Growing Demand for Lubricants

The event also featured intriguing predictions and data sets showcasing the fundamental demand for lubricants in the future. With the global population projected to grow by over 2 billion people by 2050, and energy demand expected to increase by 15%, the future demand for lubricants and growth is there. Solar and wind energy, which are anticipated to meet 10% of global energy needs, are on the rise, signalling new opportunities for the lubricants industry.

Empowering Women in Base Oils & Lubricants

Sabrina Panero, in her reflections, highlighted the Women in Base Oils & Lubricants Get-Together, a session for female professionals to network, exchange experiences, and discuss industry challenges and opportunities. The gathering featured distinguished women leaders Bhavika Sachdeva, Alison Jones, Valentina Serra-Holm, and Amanda Hay.

Source: ICIS

Innovation and Global Expansion

Adrian Hill, representing Morris Lubricants, provided strategic insights into navigating new product technologies and global territories. The company’s investment in technology, improving products, services, and improving capabilities showcased how a leading independent company can innovate and adapt in a rapidly evolving market.

“It was great to see the honesty and openness from Adrian as he presented case studies on Morris Lubricant’s recent company developments. How we collaborate and share best practices in the lubes sector will be a key factor in capturing opportunities available for lubricant companies to grow now and in the future,” James Moorhouse commented.

Unique Networking Opportunities

The conference concluded with a memorable evening at St. Paul’s Cathedral, offering attendees a unique opportunity to explore the cathedral floor and network in the crypts, including Lord Nelson’s tomb.

Source: ICIS

“It was truly a remarkable experience to conclude the conference at the St. Paul’s Cathedral. The ambience and historical significance of the venue provided an ideal setting for fostering meaningful connections and engaging in insightful conversations with industry professionals within the base oils and lubricants community,” shared Sabrina Panero, reflecting on the enriching experiences at the conference.

More Lubricants Events To Come

The 28th ICIS World Base Oils and Lubricants Conference in London once again proved to be a must-attend industry gathering. It offered valuable insights, networking, and industry data to drive forward strategies and initiatives that will help shape the future of lubricants growth worldwide.

This was the first lubricants event of 2024 attended by the ABN Resource, you can meet our specialists during the other upcoming Argus Global Base Oils Conference Feb 19-21, and Lubricant Expo North America on March 19th.