ABN Resource’s Word for 2024

As we reflect on the dynamic landscape of the lubricants industry, all the new exciting opportunities and the evolving challenges faced by both candidates and companies, we chose our 2024 word of the year to be “Synergy.”

How does “Synergy” align with our “word of the year” in the past years?

“Purpose,” our word of the year in 2021, we continue to strive to identify and align individuals and organisations with a shared vision. Fostering a common purpose that goes beyond the individual to drive collective success.

In 2022 our word was “Perseverance”. This remains a steadfast value for ABN Resource, navigating through challenges and tricky hires with resilience and grit so we don’t give up and deliver the right result for our customers.

“Better,” our word of the year 2023, we remain committed to continuous improvement, challenging the status quo, and propelling ourselves and the downstream oil sector forward. “Better” is not just a destination; it’s a perpetual journey of refinement and advancement.

In 2024, “Synergy” takes centre stage as the word that encapsulates our approach. In the lubricants recruitment landscape, we recognise that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. “Synergy” signifies the harmonious integration of diverse talents, experiences, and perspectives, fostering a collaborative environment where talent and companies thrive together.

As we embark on this new year, our commitment to synergy underscores our belief in the transformative power of effective collaboration. By bringing together the right people with the right opportunities, we deliver personal and company growth. “Synergy” encapsulates not just a word but a guiding principle —  a reminder that, in unity, we find strength, and through collaboration, we unlock unparalleled potential.

ABN Resource is a global recruitment firm for the downstream oil industry, specialising in retained search for hard-to-find talent in Executive, Sales, Operations, and Technical positions across lubricants and fuels markets. If you want help with strengthening your career or hiring for your team, contact us today and set up a free consultation.