ABN Resource Sees Significant Hiring Demand. The Monthly News Roundup

Welcome to the ABN Resource round-up for June. As we end the second quarter of 2021, ABN saw a huge 40% increase in hiring demands, compared to q2 of 2020. And we expect this trend to continue for the second half of 2021. 

ABN Sustainability Report

The pandemic has accelerated change in the lubricants industry and we are in a really exciting phase with sustainability front and centre for company strategy. 

In June, ABN Resource published a sustainability report that highlights key opportunities, benefits and challenges driven by sustainable development. The report also discusses the best sustainability practices and possible career pathways with the skills needed to deliver desired outcomes.

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The value of Diversity & Inclusion in the workplace

ABN Resource Director, James Moorhouse will be chairing a round table discussion at UEIL 2021 Virtual Congress on the value of diversity and inclusion in the workplace. The expert panel will discuss why Diversity & Inclusion is important, how to develop Diversity & Inclusion in your organisation,  and the significant benefits it can bring to your business. 

Anyone who desires a high-performance workplace culture and achieving growth should join us for this discussion. The UEIL congress represents a great opportunity to network with industry peers and understand key industry trends.

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Strategies shaping the modern workforce

Our thoughts have been published in Lube magazine on personal development, successful leadership, recruitment techniques and strategies you can use to make your workplace perform. Our recent topics include: 


Professional development articles will follow later in the year in Lube Magazine and be republished on our website. You can sign up for our newsletter to get exclusive content straight to your inbox once a month.

Talent Demand. Keep one step ahead

This year is going to be different from the usual summer holiday slowdown. With the recovery from COVID-19, organisations have renewed confidence to invest, develop new strategies, and many see the timing is now right to capture market opportunities.  

This presents various new career opportunities within the lubricants industry for professionals with in-demand skills such as leadership, commercial, M&A, digital & technologist skills. 

ABN Resource’s global network of 22,000 + lubricant industry professionals, with key relationships nurtured through Covid19, we believe we can get the top talent matched to the difficult to fill jobs in the sector. We don’t advertise all our jobs on our website due to the confidentiality of a search, so for support in the next step in your career or for support in your hiring requirements, contact us today.


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