The Rising Stars In Pipeline Full Interview Series

Over the past year ABN Resource have made it their mission to really understand the thoughts, attitudes and beliefs of young professionals in the Pipeline industry. What challenges do they face? What attracted them to a pipeline career, and what retains their interest?

To achieve this understanding we interviewed key young professionals from across the globe, including individuals from groups like YPAC, YPPE and YPP USA. Below are links to all articles in the series so far – we hope you enjoy and find them as insightful as we did.

Attracting & retaining talent: Interview with YPAC’s Tran Mah-Paulson.

We interviewed Young Pipeline Association of Canada President, Tran Mah-Paulson, to discuss what attracted him to the Pipeline industry initially, plus his thoughts on what companies can do to appeal to a new younger audience and how they can keep their employees engaged. Read the interview here.

Rising stars in the Pipeline industry: Interview with Jonathan Hardy

We spoke to Jonathan Hardy – a 27-year-old Mechanical Engineer at T.D. Williamson – to discuss mentorship, how to attract and keep young talent, plus the future of Pipeline. Read the insightful interview here.

Rising stars in Pipeline: Molly Laughlin Doran founding member of YPP USA

We interviewed Molly Laughlin Doran – founding member of the YPP USA, entrepreneur and business owner of Pipe Spring LLC – to discuss important topics such as how the industry can better sell itself to young people and why encouraging young employees to volunteer at industry organisations is beneficial – not only for their own careers, but for the businesses they work in. Read the full interview here.

Rising stars in Pipeline: Marguerite Forde from YPPE

We spoke to Marguerite Forde from the YPPE (Young Pipeline Professionals Europe), to find out what the organisation is hoping to achieve, the main issues young pipeliners currently face and how the YPPE is trying to reduce the skills gap. Get all the insights here.

Our global young pipeline professionals survey

Following the interview series, we also carried out a global survey with young pipeline professionals, the results of which were presented at PPIM and the Pipeline Technology Conference (PTC) by our Pipeline recruitment Director James Leigh.

We’ll be sharing the insightful white paper from this survey – which includes comments from our rising stars and also senior pipeline professionals – very soon. Keep an eye on our blog for this or subscribe to our monthly newsletter to be sent the white paper direct.