Navigating the Future Of Lubricants Workplace

What is the biggest personnel challenge facing your organisation right now? Talent attraction, employee retention and leadership are the 3 key areas we are most asked about.

Organisations in the downstream oil industry that wish to keep a competitive edge need the right people, in the right jobs executing the right tasks. As many countries navigate the hangover of covid-19 and react to an escalating situation in Ukraine, it can feel a bit like jumping from one challenge to another. As before the quality of people and leadership in a company is critical to creating the right mindset and turning challenges into opportunities. 

To help you successfully shape the future of your workplace at your organisation, ABN Resource gathered some key advice, thoughts and strategies to help you.

Talent Attraction, A Key to Organisational Success

In February, ABN Resource Director, James Moorhouse was invited by Rafe Britton to participate in the Lubrication Expert podcast to discuss talent management in the lubricants industry.

In this episode, James breaks down the most successful strategies on talent attraction of people within our industry and from adjacent industries. You can also hear thoughts on talent retention, diversity and inclusion, career and skills development and advice on how to overcome the key personnel challenges facing the lubricants industry.

If you want to get a competitive edge in your career or better talent attraction methods it is all in this podcast that you can listen to now, here.

Effective Recruitment, Delivering the Right Talent

Effective recruitment is vital for every organisation. It ensures that the workforce has the relevant skills and abilities for the organisation’s current and future needs. However, effective talent acquisition is not just about filling an immediate vacancy but about having an impact on the long-term success of the business.

At ABN Resource, we regularly hear lubricants & fuels organisations struggle to find the right people for their life opportunities. We have written before about talent attraction and retention strategies, highlighted the benefits of D&I in our lubricant industry report, and more recently we shared key metrics important to measure the effectiveness of recruitment campaigns.

Check it out now.

Retaining Top Talent, Why is it so difficult

Numerous experts highlight the key talent management challenge in 2022 – employee retention. According to the SRHM report, almost half of HR professionals says employee retention is the top management challenge they face, closely followed by recruitment at 36%. In the latest ICIS Base Oil Community report, 37% of survey participants highlighted staff retention as their biggest concern for the future workforce. 

But what can you do?  Prevention is better than cure. It starts with recruiting the right way, and in February we were delighted that the recruitment methodology we use, “HireInsight” picked up 2 industry awards for innovation and performance. 

Once you hire right, a healthy company culture, offering flexibility, clear opportunities for career progression, and, as ever, decent pay have all been flagged as important factors in retention.

To help your employee retention, we have put together a list of the top causes of employee turnover and a detailed plan for how to address them.

Upcoming Lubricants Jobs

Businesses are planning for upcoming retirements, re-positioning for post-COVID strategy and seeing growth opportunities in new territories.

Working alongside global industry leaders, we have been recruiting for a variety of senior leadership, commercial & technical roles across lubricants and fuel industries. For confidentiality reasons, not all our jobs are always advertised on our site. So if you are considering your career options please contact us today at enquiries@abnresource.com or use our contact form.

 And keep an eye on our careers page.


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