Panel Discussion with Kline Executives: How to Build a Passion for the Lubricants Industry?

In this podcast, you have the opportunity to be a part of the first ABN Resource panel discussion. ABN Resource, Global Recruitment Specialists to the Downstream Oil Industry, with host James Moorhouse, gathered four executives from Kline & Company: Annie Jarquin, Yana Wilkinson, Sabrina Craciun, and Sushmita Dutta. 
About our panel discussion guests
Each of our guests has different professional backgrounds, different work experience at Kline & Company, the global market research and leading management consulting services business within the lubricants market. The very beginning of this interesting discussion highlights how the lubricant industry has the ability to incorporate different professions, interests, and personalities. 
Annie Jarquin – Director, Business Development
Yana Wilkinson – Vice President, Energy 
Sushmita Dutta – Project Manager
Sabrina Craciun – Business Development Manager
Core values of working in the lubricant industry
When it comes to the core values of working in the lubricant industry, all of our guests agree that the lubricant industry allows you to:
Make a mark in everyday life
Work with novelty and innovation
Apply knowledge to impact everyday life
You will hear why:
Lubricant organizations should become a consumer-focused industry
Sustainability, carbon reduction, and energy efficiency as an extremely important cause in the lubricant industry
How university programmes, internship and apprenticeships are key factors in attracting young talent
Rising opportunities for the young generation
Sabrina Craciun, shares new insights into the lubricants industry, giving great examples of new opportunities it has to offer to people entering the industry. The lubricants industry showed its great values and the possibility to sustain and adjust to the new circumstances in 2020, due to the Covid-19 pandemic.
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Is the lubricants industry facing the inclusivity and diversity problem? How to change the perception of the lubricants industry? In our podcast, we are seeking answers to these key challenges facing the sector.  
Listen to our new episode and hear what are the main challenges in the lubricants industry, how to attract and retain talent, and the expert’s advice for people entering the lubricants industry, and many more.
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Annie Jarquin
Yana Wilkinson
Sushmita Dutta
Sabrina Craciun